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当涉及到正确bob sports manufacturer, it can be hard to know what you don’t know. Who do you trust? How many questions should you ask? What questions, specifically, should you be asking? With so many variables at play, it’s a challenge to feel like you’re choosing the right manufacturer.


1. DF(X)工程


3. Supply Chain


5. Tooling Design and Maintenance


1. DF(X) Engineering

Short for “Design for Excellence,” DF(x) is a group of design principles that are key to design success. In our experience, the most important values for x include these four critical elements.


Some designs include cosmetic details that don’t add to functionality, but definitely increase cost. While some parts of a product are imperative for the part’s functionality, non-functional details can be costly. Just as one example, a simple lifter or slide will increase the cost and cycle time of your tool by increasing labor costs. As a whole, a simple design addition makes the entire part more expensive to manufacture. An experienced manufacturer should be pointing out design areas for cost savings, not building in cosmetic details that do little in the end.


Cosmetics, however, can add to quality as well. It’s important that your manufacturer is looking at the parts within the product that are critical to the tolerances and quality required to be a functioning product. If any of those fail, you’ll never hit your tolerances or functionality, making it impossible to hit your quality requirements.


Experience with specific materials is important. Certain materials act differently inside different injection molding presses. Experienced plastic injection molding manufacturers not only know this, but they understand the nuances different materials bring to the table.



Ultimately, you have to make sure your product is actually manufacturable. The way you intend for a product to function has to be compatible with the way you want to manufacture it.

Some plastic injection molding manufacturers will simply build your product the way you designed it without pointing out potential issues. But once hot plastic is pushed into a steel tool, you’ll want someone with the kinds of experience to ensure you get the product you desire, without later issues that become costly to correct. Draft and radii are important elements to build into the design along with identifying possible sink areas.




Many products will require secondary finishes after parts come off the line. It’s important to consider whether your manufacturer has the ability to assemble your product in-house or apply finishes right away.

Keep in mind, also, that manufacturers who outsource secondary operations will have to ship your products and manage those operations on your behalf. Multiple touchpoints can increase the risk of damage. It becomes much harder to expedite shipping. You open yourselves up to quality issues. And, in the end, you’ll need longer lead times.


3. Supply Chain

拥有一个塑料注塑造型制造商与一个全面的供应链团队非常重要,尤其是如果您有需要组装的产品。不过是very long supply chain issues for the COVID vaccinefor evidence of the impact of supply chain issues. The manufacturer should be well connected with resin suppliers and be able to manage purchasing and lead-times of components that are required to assemble your product.

Part of working with a manufacturer that has extensive supply experience is knowing where your end-ship location is. If the final destination of the product is going from the manufacturer to Atlanta, but you’re manufacturing in China, you could be facing a number of environmental, time, cost, and logistical impacts. If your product is being shipped throughout North America, you should definitely be considering a North American manufacturing partner.


您的注塑制造商有多先进?您的注射模具器是否具有生产产品所需的功能 - 适当的机器,足够的容量,可以扩展程序的能力?



To read more about the benefits of automation and robots,看一下这个


5. Tooling Design and Maintenance


如果你需要快速的时候,有一个国内马努facturer handle your tooling is the way to go. You might have to pay a little bit more in the long run, but it’s because everything would be manufactured state-side, you’re able to cut leads times, meaning you get to market faster. And if you’re a company who values U.S.-only solutions, this is really your only choice.


If you choose an international manufacturer for your tooling, cost savings is the most obvious advantage, here. It’s possible to achieve decent lead times as well. Don’t forget, though, that at the end of the day, whatever you build still has to be put on a boat and shipped. It will take time, often weeks. Weighing this against cost savings is often overlooked.




When it comes to taking care of your tool, it’s really important that you work with a manufacturer who can provide in-house tooling maintenance. There is never a “perfect tool.” Things will happen and tool maintenance will be required. In fact, preventative maintenance should be part of your manufacturers routine.



A Reputable Injection Molding Manufacturer You Can Count On

The best way to avoid issues with injection molding is to start working early with a contract manufacturer that has the expertise to look at all aspects of your product — including DF(x), automation, and secondary applications.


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