Tenere Adds Automated Sheet Metal Panel Bender

June 19, 2020

Tenere is excited to welcome a new addition to our sheet metal fabrication operations: a Prima Power EBe Express Panel Bender.

The new automatic sheet metal bending machine has a maximum bend length of 108” length by 8” height and comes with fully automated loading/unloading capabilities. It can bend large sheet metal parts on its own, a job that would normally require multiple people or a lift on a traditional press brake. The larger bending capacity will help support our customers in thecloud infrastructure,fiber optics, andbob sports 官网 markets whose products includecustom server racksand large enclosures.

The automation technology comes with many benefits including automatic tool changing to dramatically reduce set-up time, elimination of safety hazard to employees, low energy consumption, and increased accuracy of parts.

In addition to the panel bender, Tenere will soon add a Prima Power COMBI Genius punch/laser combo to our automated sheet metal fabrication fleet. The new combo machine – which is a 4,000W fiber laser – will work closely with the panel bender to feed punched and laser cut sheet metal directly into the EBe for metal forming.

这只是许多投资之一,哈哈s made in automation and robotics in the past few years, including Amada ACIES punch/laser combo machines, press brakes with automatic tool change technology, a robotic press brake, and multiple collaborative robots (cobots) throughout our facilities.

The EBe panel bender will help support our customers in the cloud infrastructure, fiber optics, and renewable energy markets when building racks and large enclosure.

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Audrey Hamilton

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