Building Construction Update - Monterrey, Mexico

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August 12, 2021

A lot of progress has been made on our new 180,000 square foot facility in Monterrey, Mexico. It feels like just yesterday we were standing on leveled dirt and now we have walls, a roof, windows, and even a front door! We received the keys to our new building in Monterrey, Mexico this week and are looking forward to being fully moved in and operational by the end of the year. Our current facility in Monterrey will continue to run production throughout the move

To gear up for the move, we have increased our machine capacity over the last several months adding 3 press brakes, 2 turrets, and 1 laser turret combo. We also have 5 stamping presses and another laser/turret combo with tool changing on the way.

Construction for an additional 75,000 square feet will begin shortly after we move in as we continue to build out and add capacity for our customers and prospects. Our plan is to be at 255,000 square feet by Fall 2022.

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