How Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures Provide Flexibility and Scalability

Custom Sheet Metal Enclosure

October 5, 2020

The future is custom.

Shoppers want personalized clothing recommendations. Students want a personalized campus experience. And network infrastructure, fiber, and renewable energy companies want custom sheet metal enclosures, chassis, and boxes.

While we can’t speak directly to the changes happening in retail or campus life, we do know a thing or two about creating custom sheet metal enclosures. That’s because we’ve been creating custom enclosures for top hyperscale, fiber, and renewable energy companies for decades.

不能服务于comp开箱即用的解决方案lex needs 5G, edge, datacenter, fiber, and renewable energy technologies need to accommodate power, storage, geographic, or structural requirements. Custom sheet metal builds are about creating new efficiencies, increasing flexibility, and expanding scalability.

Why the Move to Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures

There are a lot of benefits to going custom.

Custom means you own the IP. Because you own the IP, you’re not reliant on someone else to implement changes, nor will you ever have to wait for a supplier to stock product. If you need to make changes to your design, those changes can happen quickly and easily. You’re making your own stock, allowing for more flexibility as your demand shifts.

There’s a certain level of accomplishment in designing and building your own product. It differentiates you from the competition. Companies with their own product line believe in innovation and are passionate about bringing something new to the market, putting them in the position to be a market leader and shaping the future of their industry.

Another big advantage of custom hardware: supply chain stability. Owning your product allows for better visibility to your supply chain in case of natural disasters, political disruptions, or – as we’ve all experienced this year – a global pandemic.

A product is only as good as its hardware. Compromises with stock products will always have to be made, potentially putting your company at risk long term. Custom products allow you to be agile in your market and quickly adjust as technology changes, which is happening at unprecedented speeds. For example, as Motherboards, CPUs, disk drives, and memory are built custom to increase performance for AI, edge, and IoT, the box has to change with it.

It Sounds Like a Lot to Manage, But It's Not

With the right manufacturing partner, creating a custom solution is worth the time and will allow for future growth and quicker product development cycles. At Tenere, we fill the gaps of our customers by providing Design for Manufacturability (DFM), prototype, and supply chain support.

DFM and prototyping is a key component in building custom products. It's a time when your mechanical engineers and our technical experts collaborate on the most efficient way to manufacture a quality product and consider cost avoidance, automation, and/or robotics opportunities. This allows you to quickly move through the NPI stages and scale into production.

Get Started with Tenere

Tenere’s skilled engineering and operations teams have been designing and manufacturing high quality custom enclosures for years. Our deep understanding of DFM, our investment in automation and robotics, and our ability to combine sheet metal, plastic, and electronics into a single box, enclosure, or server cabinet allow us to seamlessly collaborate with your team and meet your design requirements.

To learn how we can work together,get in touch with us.

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