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Tenere Inc. has been working with top Fortune 500 companies in the tech space for over 30 years, manufacturing and assembling their custom sheet metal and injection molded products. Over the years, we have provided companies working inCloud & Edge Infrastructure,Network, Compute & Storage,Fiber Optics & 5G, andbob sports 官网 with solutions for a variety of challenges they face in these high paced, ever-changing industries.

At Tenere we provide a complete product solution including prototyping, engineering (DFM/DfX), tooling, production, mechanical assembly, and supply chain. Our global operations and capabilities give our customers the flexibility and scalability required to quickly introduce a new product to the market.

Cloud & Edge Infrastructure

Tenere works with top cloud computing companies to manufacture and assemble their custom sheet metal enclosures, chassis, and cooling systems.

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Network, Compute & Storage

Networks are made up of countless components. Tenere has extensive expertise is building and assembling chassis, disk drives, switches, and much more.

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Fiber Optics & 5G

Tenere provides custom sheet metal enclosures and panels for fiber optics and 5G industry leaders to support their high-volume needs within the market.

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Renewable Energy

Tenere builds home and industrial enclosures for energy storage and solar infrastructure, helping renewable energy companies succeed.

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