Injection Molding Tooling

Plastic injection molding is the process of injecting molten plastic material into a metal tool which then cools and ejects your plastic part from the machine. Depending on your needs, we can build single cavity, multi-cavity, and family tools. We can also build actions into your tool depending on the complexity of your injection molded part to ensure you get the look and function needed.

Our plastics operation utilizes domestic and international suppliers for the actual tool build which is closely monitor by our in-house engineers. We stay in constant communication with our suppliers to keep your tools on schedule and monitor quality. Maintenance and repairs are taken care of by our in-house tool room.

Learn about types of molds and side actions in注塑的入门指南.

Complex Plastic Tools For Injection Molding Tooling

Complex Plastic Tools

Your product may require extra tooling design attention to achieve your desired look and function. From incorporating tool slides, actions, and lifters to working with temperamental engineering grade resins, our tooling experts have decades of experience designing complex tools for even the trickiest plastic products.

Injection Molding Tool Design Experts

Working with one of our highly experience tooling engineers early in the design stages is critical. Injection molding tool costs increase as lifters, slides, or collapsible cores get added because of a complex design. Consulting with our design for manufacturability experts and tooling engineers ensure those are required for critical components and the functionality of the product so you don’t incur unnecessary costs and over design a plastic tool which will require more maintenance, and increase part cost and cycle time. Mold flow analysis is done in house to ensure there won’t be any material flow issues that could warp the plastic part.

Injection molding machine tool set-up

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