Tenere is Growing Its Mexico Sheet Metal Manufacturing

December 15, 2020

The move will increase operational capacity and improve North American supply chains.

In the spring of 2021, Tenere will move from our existing 100,000 square footsheet metal manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexicoto a brand new 255,000 square foot facility just a few miles away. The development will happen in two phases: Tenere will move into the facility in Phase 1 when 180,000 square feet have been completed, while Phase 2 will be an expansion of an additional 75,000 square feet.

This expansion is a big step in Tenere’s growth and commitment to being a trusted North American supplier of custom mechanical solutions for companies that connect our world through technology.


Our current sheet metal fabrication operations in Mexico include a fleet of sheet metal fabrication tools including press brakes, lasers, turrets, and sheet metal stamping, along with assembly, painting, integration, and testing. We manufacturecustom sheet metal enclosures, sheet metal racks, chassis, and cabinets for innovative customers in theCloud Infrastructure,Network Architecture,Fiber Optics, andbob sports 官网 industries

The new facility is necessary as we continue to make investments in automation, robotics, new equipment, and quality systems to better serve our customers. Automation and robotics continue to improve sheet metal fab quality by reducing manual operations and increasing consistency and efficiency; this expansion of our sheet metal manufacturing operations expresses our commitment to being world-class. We will ensure all production schedules and product ramps remain on schedule during the coming transition.

Stay tuned for more information when we begin our transition. Read more about ourTenere的墨西哥金属制造and how Tenere’s provides custom mechanical solutions to global markets. For media inquiries or to request a quote,please contact us here.