Tenere名称Brian Steel是首席执行官

Brian Steel, Tenere CEO

WIS展示者。 - 2017年11月28日 - TERERE INC.(TERERE),这是一家完整的金属和塑料部件和财富500强企业组件的完整服务提供商,今天宣布布莱恩·钢铁已被评为新的首席执行官。钢铁在扩大全球销售组织中拥有丰富的历史,最近曾担任全球销售和营销副总裁。

“It’s an honor to be given the opportunity to lead the exceptional team at Tenere and to continue to support our customers in fast changing, dynamic markets,” stated Steel. “I am looking forward to leading Tenere into its next phase of growth, one that I believe will set us apart as a leading global contract manufacturing partner of premier plastic and metal products. Tenere’s deep mechanical engineering expertise, combined with our prototyping and manufacturing capabilities across North America enable us to deliver unmatched speed, flexibility and quickly scale production for complex customers.”

在加入第十宗之前,钢铁是PCH International的全球销售副总裁,他指数增长了交钥匙解决方案开发和定制制造业务,服务于世界上一些领先的品牌,包括Apple,戴尔,谷歌,Go-Pro和Microsoft。此前,他在供应链服务提供商Zomax举办的销售领导职位,在那里他成功逆转,以降低现有的客户收入流,导致关键账户的年度收入增长,并在外包举办和技术服务供应商Agiliti,在哪里he led all of the firm’s direct and indirect salespeople in execution of the company’s national sales strategy.

“我们很激动到Tere的舵,”罗伯特阿克曼,合作伙伴Watermill Group.,私募股权主人。“随着公司预期的全球增长,在墨西哥最近的扩张后,人权的机会巨大。Brian对增长加速和战略实施的深刻体验,以及他强烈的客户焦点,将有助于将机构保持在强大的增长轨迹。“


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