The Case for Custom Rack Hardware

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April 24, 2019

Americans create 600 zettabytes of new data each day thanks to artificial intelligence, 5G networks, machine learning, blockchain, cryptocurrency, social networks, connected devices, and a plethora of other reasons.

Data center industry experts predict we’ll need at least 4,000 new data centers by 2020 just to handle our current data load. That’s approximately 200,000 square feet and 25 megawatts per site.

And those numbers don’t account for projected increases in data usage.

Cloud giants are giving glimpses into how this increased storage demand might play out. In recent years, they have flooded the market with cloud infrastructure projects, spending big capital expense dollars on custom infrastructure builds.

What will the cloud look like moving forward? More customized and more geographic-specific than it is today. With companies building their own data facilities in non-traditional regions across the world, customization and diversification seem to be the name of the game.

These companies will also need to find innovative ways to keep their costs low. By collaborating directly with custom rack hardware manufacturers, many are seeing improved flexibility, increased speed, and greater scalability.

We manufacture and assemble custom sheet metal enclosures, cabinets, racks, chassis, and HVAC units for many of the top cloud computing companies.

For a more in-depth look at how custom network, storage, power, and server racks will play a large role in the future of data centers,read our white paper,Chasing Hyperscale.

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